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Group/Mass Email manager to manage your customers contact base


MailBlaster v1.7 (Group/Mass Email manager - standalone version)

Group/Mass Email with Quality, Simplicity and Affordability. You can send highly formatted opt-in emails in both normal and HTML formats for each of your recipients.You can create number of email groups and send personalized email messages for each groups. This Group/Mass Email is for busy professionals with much less configurations and very easy to use. It supports file attachments. This Group/Mass Email sends messages in multiple threads so that you messages are sent very quickly. Know More


MailBlasterOE v1.9 (Group/Mass Email plugin for Outlook Express)

Group/Mass Email plugin for OutlookExpress is for professionals who use Outlook Express extensively for email management and who requires managing their Group/Mass Email in Outlook Express. With this Group/Mass Email plugin you can create number of groups and any number of recipient can be added. This Group/Mass Email plugin manages creating groups and adding messages and formating the messages, and are imported to Outlook Express.It supports both text and HTML message formatting. Know More


ExtractorPro v3.1 (Extract emails/leads based on your business or keywords)

ExtractorPro is is an email and lead generating software where you can extract millions of emails/leads based on your business or keywords. You can include unlimited keywords and generate unlimed leads and grow your business to new heights. You can also extract emails from files, folders and clipboards. Know More

MailBlaster v1.7 | MailBlaster v1.9 | ExtractorPro v3.1 | Contact us | Affiliates